The Fatalist Marksman

I made a decision to take my writing more seriously, in effort to forge some kind of career out of it.

Not knowing exactly what kind of writing I might want to do for a living, nor having any clear ideas about to where I might be able to submit my work, a close friend suggested that I start a blog.  Other friends agreed, this was a good idea.

“But what,” I asked, “should it be about?”

“Whatever you feel like!” they responded in eerie unison, gathered around me at my weekly Matt’s Friends Convention.*

“That’s not very helpful,” I replied.  “My problem is that I don’t know where to focus my writing.  A blog wouldn’t really help that.”

“You’re wrong!” they shouted back, speckling my face with saliva and beer.  “You can just write about whatever you want to write, and it will naturally develop into something more focused.  This is just a launchpad for your artistic genius.” **

“Okay.  I’ll give it a shot.”

But while I do feel free to write about whatever I please, I feel I must make an early dichotomous decision which will affect the trajectory of the blog, as yet untitled.  Do I make it funny, or do I write about serious political and religious issues about which I am passionate?

Is it possible to do both?

The latter choice runs a risk of instantly driving away certain potential readers while simultaneously attracting others.  My positions are unabashedly, fervently, and extremely reasonable, even-handed, and moderate… so it might just work out that I’d drive away everyone and attract no one.

Since this first post will initially be seen by no one but my friends, I open the question to all of you:

Do I try to be funny, try to be serious, or do I fire my quiver willy-nilly into the air and hope that one of them hits that gem of a target that defines my very destiny?



*The Matt’s Friends Convention is accepting applications for exhibitors.

**My friends use the word “genius” sparingly and literally.***

***My friends did not actually use the word “genius.”

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2 Responses to The Fatalist Marksman

  1. Close Friend says:


  2. @Rob_Nguyen says:

    I’d say willy-nilly. One of the things I like about writing (though I don’t write too often myself) is when you find out what you actually want to say after having already written it. So the discovery part could be fun.

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