One thing is certain: my blog shall have pictures.

This might seem like a terrible idea, because I am a terrible illustrator and a terrible photographer.  But, while I’m honestly not the most avid blog-reader, I have to admit that my favorite blogs have pictures–usually drawn ones.

Hence, this seems like the perfect time to break out a simple, stylized comic template developed by a close friend and me back in college.  We never did anything public with it, and  I will give him the credit he is due, but I’m pretty much usurping the whole thing for my own selfish gain and, hopefully, your amusement.

This means that if I write a humorous post on the dangers of fly-fishing, you might see this sort of drawing:

Fly Fishing

And if I write a heartfelt essay on the dangers of nuclear proliferation, you might see one like this:

Nuclear Surprise

There will be danger.  There’s another certainty.

And there will certainly be certainty.

And also rampant indecisiveness.


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2 Responses to Drawings!!!

  1. Wil says:

    Are those people on land or are they mer-people on water?

  2. MGD1981 says:

    They are on the land part. Can you not clearly recognize that they are standing on very well-rendered representations of Asia and North America?

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